Telecommunications Outside Plant or commonly referred to as OSP cabling began as far back as linking wires between stations for the first telegraph system. The modern global telecommunications infrastructure has expanded out of this simple beginning.

Essentially any wiring for telecom networks outside the building housing the inside wiring is called outside plant cabling. An OSP cabling system is a telecommunications facility on the premises that connects to the information and/or data-com system. This is necessary for many large facilities, like industrial plants, universities, hospitals and research centers.

Outside plant wiring systems can support a wide variety of communication services. These include optical fiber cabling, telephone and data transfer, live video, security, building automation and any other low voltage circuitry.

Outside plant construction pathways are either aerial, underground conduit, and direct buried; and can be used in any combination depending on the job requirements.

Aerial cabling systems can be deployed rather fast and are readily accessible for future maintenance, but the aesthetic appearance, risks from nature, accidents, falling tree limbs, or accidental vehicle damage to utility poles can be a drawback to aerial installation.

Underground conduit system has some advantages over aerial cable; you can’t see it; manageable future cable placement and removal; protected from most natural disasters; except flooding; secure from vandalism. Underground conduit has a high upfront cost compared to other methods, but is economical over its lifespan.

Direct burial system is similar to a buried conduit system and has many of the same advantages. But, a major drawback is direct burial capacity cannot be increased, and the telecom conductors do not offer an equal level of mechanical protection as a buried conduit system does.

B. Jackson Construction and Engineering Inc. are experts in telecom installation, design and OSP maintenance. We work with companies like Utopia, Comcast and AT&T, and many others. Our in-house telecom installation capabilities include: all aerial operations, traditional trenching, directional boring, jack and bore as well as rock sawing and plowing operations for main line and service installation. We also perform business and residential telecom service installations and all restorations.


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