Hydro Vacuum Excavation and Subsurface Potholing

We are PICS certified and can perform work at all oil refineries which typically require vacuum excavation due to the prevalence of existing and unmarked utilities.

We specialize in hydro vacuum excavation which is an effective alternative for digging where heavy machinery is not practical or may be unsafe to use. Heavy machinery methods such as bulldozers and backhoes can cause major damage to underground utilities, potential injury to operators, delays to construction projects, and potential costly fines for contractors.

We use high pressure water to break up the soil, while applying a high-powered vacuum to lift out the soil and debris without damaging or disrupting buried cables, utility pipes, or fiber-optic lines.

B. Jackson Constructions hydro vacuum excavation service minimizes damages and objections to potholing, ensuring a safe, clean, and streamlined vacuum excavating service is performed every time.

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